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Gone Country Hats

Chute Black - Wool Cashmere (Bronco Series)

Chute Black - Wool Cashmere (Bronco Series)

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For those who live for the thrill of the rodeo or simply seek to capture its spirit. Embrace a piece of the cowboy essence with this exquisitely crafted hat, where each detail is a testament to authenticity and rugged elegance.

Cherish the unique character of this hat, where the natural beauty of the wool shines through with small, inherent flecks that are a hallmark of the traditional felt-making process. Far from being imperfections, these features celebrate the hat's raw, natural origin.

With a striking 4-inch crown and a generous 4-1/4 inch brim framed by a finely sanded raw edge, this hat strikes a perfect balance between drama and subtlety. It comes adorned with a tasteful matching ribbon band, enhancing the clean, classic lines and providing a finished look that's at home in the ring or out on the town.

This isn't just a hat – it's an homage to the soul of the rodeo, a statement piece for any lover of Western culture seeking to stand out with understated style and confidence.

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