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Gone Country Hats

Yellowstone Brown - Wool Cashmere (Summit Series)

Yellowstone Brown - Wool Cashmere (Summit Series)

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Introducing the epitome of refined Western elegance – our Yellowstone Cashmere Wool Blend Cowboy Hats. Crafted for the discerning individual, each hat is a luxurious fusion of soft, fine Bolivian cashmere and resilient wool, resulting in a texture as inviting as it is durable.

Featuring an iconic Cattleman crown paired with a classic brim, each hat is a nod to time-honored Western traditions, while an embossed sweatband on the interior ensures comfort for the wearer. Constructed on a specialized oval/long oval mold, the hat boasts a tailored fit that's unique to your silhouette.

The distinguished design is marked by a crown height of 4-1/2 inches, paired with a generous 4 1/4 inch brim, finished with a finely sanded raw edge that adds character to its bold profile. Customize the look with one of our interchangeable hatbands, allowing you to infuse personal flair into this statement piece.

Capture the spirit of the West with a touch of luxury in our Yellowstone Cashmere Wool Blend Cowboy Hats, a sartorial choice that transcends the ordinary.

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